10 ways to keep your employees engaged amid the coronavirus work-from-home phase


Remote working isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. But you can help your company – and employees – emerge stronger from the coronavirus pandemic with these top 10 engagement ideas.

By Pooja Bajaj, 30 March 2020, https://yourstory.com

At a time like this, the world is battling anxiety and uncertainty, and it’s a period of stress for businesses everywhere. Coronavirus has united us to battle the pandemic as one team. Forced into quarantine and isolation, can working from home be the next game-changer for the corporate world? Maybe.

But, how can you keep your employees engaged during this stressful period? Make this phase easier on them by showing them you care, by being available in the same capacity – but virtually. By going DIGITAL.

To begin with, your employees need support and reassurance with all kinds of not-so-credible information spread across social media. They will find it difficult to stay focused, maintain productivity, or keep a check on their mental health. 


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